Drill Down and Marching Commands
Want to be a really good Tigerette? Memorize the following commands and you'll be great! (If you attending the 6.3.04 meeting during study hall, you were given the following commands.)

Drill Commands - Drill down commands are used during competition at camp. The judges yell out combinations of commands and whoever does them all right the longest wins.

1.) atten-hut = slap sides
2.) double arm address = clap twice, then spread double arm length apart, stay in this position until atten-hut
3.) parade rest = step out with your left foot and look down (hands are in a diamond shape behind your back)
4.) right hase = turn to the right then step together
5.) left hase = pivot to the left then step together
6.) about hase = put your right foot behind your left foot and turn without lifting your feet off the ground (turn so you're facing the exact opposite of where you were)
7.) half left hase = turn half of a left hase then step together
8.) half right hase = turn half of a right hase then step together

Marching Commands - Tigerettes use these commands when they're performing.

1.) mark time mark up = start marching with hands in a diamond shape behind your back--start with your left foot
2.) forward march = start marching forward, this command is called after mark time mark up
3.) squad half = step with the right foot then step together while slapping your side
4.) by the left flank harch = step out with the right foot and pivot to the left and keep marching
5.) by the right flank harch = step out with the left foot and pivot to the right and keep marching
6.) to the rear harch = step out with your left foot and pivot so you're facing back
7.) double to the rear harch = same as to the rear harch except you pivot twice so you face the same position you were in originally